We are pleased to announce that all of our units have been sold!

We have currently sold 14 units and have recently raised prices.

We have currently sold 14 units and have recently raised prices.  We anticipate that the remaining units will be absorbed in the upcoming months. The project’s construction has commenced.  The demolition and remediation of the site are complete.  The building permit was received in late December.  We are currently preparing to begin the foundation work on the site.  Excavation is underway and formwork in place to begin the building foundations.  The extreme weather has caused delays in the foundation.

The following is a brief overview of the building sequence.  The project will be constructed in sets of units beginning with the ’01 and ’02 unit types on the west and moving to the east of the site to the ’03 and ’04 units and finishing with the ’05 and ’06 units To expedite delivery of the units the interior work on the ’01 and ’02 units will commence concurrently with the exterior construction of the unit types on the east of the site.  It is estimated that the initial delivery of units will be in summer of 2014.


We are in the process of preparing for the selections and upgrades process.  We are currently finalizing the upgrade options that will be offered in your new home and preparing the presentation material and samples.  In the upcoming months you will be contacted to schedule a selections appointment to select from the many standard and upgrade options available to customize your unit.

Prior to your selections appointment you will have the ability to view the items online.  We plan to give the buyers ample time to review the selections that are available.  At your appointment you will meet with an experienced interior designer who will guide you through the process and assist you in finalizing your decisions. The material is planned to be updated to the website in the next 30- 45 days and the appointments are estimated to occur in the next 45-60 days

We are pleased to announce Talmer Bank as our preferred lender.  Louann Luck, 312.912.6008, lluck@talmerbank.com, can be contacted to discuss financing products available for your new home.


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